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But damn…

Sometimes I look at this man & think, “but damn, I’m a lucky woman.” ❤️

Want to know what the “perfect marriage” is in my opinion? It’s loving someone 110%. Every flaw. Every quirk. Every little “annoying” thing they do. It’s being 110% honest with each other in every aspect. I know women who tell me they can’t pass gas or go poop (yes, I just said poop) when their boyfriend/fiancé/husband is around. Ummm what?? EVERY living thing poops (there’s even a book about it). So you’re telling me you committed to spend your life with someone and you can’t tell them when you have to go to the bathroom?! I’d DIE. But again- that’s me so keeping doing you!

I think the “perfect marriage” is being BEST FRIENDS with your spouse. I tell him everything. I don’t complain about him to other people. If there’s an issue, we talk it out. As you all know, I’ve marched to the beat of my own drum since the day I was born & I don’t plan on ever stopping. I think the “perfect marriage” is doing what makes YOU and your significant other happy- not what makes anyone else happy.

What kind of relationship would it be to spend it trying to please people who aren’t in it? No thanks. I don’t have to post about my relationship daily to know that it’s amazing. If you want to post about yours- do it! But just because someone doesn’t post about theirs doesn’t mean they aren’t happy! The “perfect marriage” is being genuinely happy deep down inside- the kind of happiness that you get when you see a cute puppy that you just want to squeeze. When I hug Ben, it’s not a hug it’s an I’m about to squeeze you until I can’t squeeze you any tighter and I may or may not let you go thing.

There’s no such thing as the “perfect marriage” but there is such thing as complete happiness. If you’ve found complete happiness and someone who sets your soul on fire when you think about them, hold that person tight! Your relationship and your life are just that- they are YOURS to live. Mindless opinions of insignificant people don’t affect YOUR life- STOP worrying about them (the opinions AND the people).

When people waste time to publicly critique the lives of others, it speaks volumes about THEIR life not yours! Too many people claim to be Christians, non-judgmental, loving, caring (insert any other positive description) people yet also spend time constantly trying to bring other people down, making Facebook posts about them, blogging about them, or gossiping… Spend your time on your own relationship and life and STOP worrying about others because I can tell you firsthand, I frankly don’t give a damn and neither should you. And if you’re trying to do what Jesus did- I can guarantee you it didn’t consist of badmouthing anyone else.





  1. You are an AMAZING woman. You are wise beyond your years (I’m 10 years older than you & I see your mind work in ways someone your age shouldn’t even process yet). I adore you & am so happy to know & see how happy you are, as well as how far you have come in the past two years. Keep being YOU & nothing but wonderful things will continue to come your way. You are an inspiration to so many woman of all ages. I love you.


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